Pyramid Mountain Lumber is respected throughout the industry for its quality products. One of the ways that Pyramid Mountain Lumber ensures its products are of the utmost quality is by seeing that timber harvesters useForestry Best Management Practices which comply with Section 208 (Non-point Pollution Requirements) of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Another way Pyramid Mountain Lumber ensures quality forest products for its customers is its commitment to establishing healthy forests through long-term stewardship of the land. Pyramid Mountain Lumber’s guiding principles and philosophy can be found in The Stewardship Letter. The gist of the letter is that Pyramid is committed to economically and environmentally responsible sustainable forestry practices that protect Montana’s timber, wildlife, air, soil and water resources.

The quality of Pyramid Mountain Lumber’s products is also due to the quality of its employees. Each month, representatives from the Western Wood Products Association (WPPA) come to the mill to evaluate Pyramid Mountain Lumber’s graders, and each month Pyramid Mountain Lumber takes pride in the high reviews its graders receive.

The bottom line is that Pyramid Mountain Lumber’s stewardship philosophy and the skill of its employees produces quality lumber products for customers around the globe while ensuring healthy forests for generations to come!

The EPA web site defines a Best Management Practice (BMP) as “… a practice or combination of practices considered by a State [or authorized Tribe] to be the most effective means (including technological, economic and institutional considerations) of preventing or reducing the amount of pollution by nonpoint sources to a level compatible with water quality goals.”
(Source: (40 CFR 130.2(Q));