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Seeley Lake, MT – As part of a broad commitment to the corporate social responsibility Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Inc, the Stewardship Company, announced today it will meet Sustainable Forestry Initiative® fiber sourcing requirements across Montana and Idaho. “SFI® fiber sourcing requirements strengthen Pyramid’s environmental commitment, and tells customers our lumber products are from responsible sources.” Said Roger Johnson, Pyramid’s president. A SFI® fiber sourcing label tells consumers the fiber in a product from Pyramid is from a legal and responsible source. There is an auditable procurement process in place showing that, among other things, Pyramid supports landowners in promoting reforestation, protecting threatened and endangered species, and strengthening best management practices to protect water quality. “The SFI® program values the crucial role all forest landowners play in protecting the long-term health and sustainability of our forests, including the millions of family forest owners in North American who supply wood fiber to SFI® program participants,” said SFI Inc. President and CEO Kathy Abusow. “By meeting SFI® fiber sourcing requirements, Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Inc joins a growing number of companies working with landowners and helping improve forestry practices on millions of additional acres of land.” “The SFI® program’s third party audit exemplifies Pyramid’s high standard of commitment to sustainable forestry.” remarked Gordy Sanders, Pyramid’s Resource Manager. Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Inc is the oldest family owned and operated sawmill in Montana. Pyramid does not own its own forest land, so it has developed strong ties with forest landowners, which makes the SFI® program a natural fit. SFI Inc. is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and is solely responsible for maintaining, overseeing and improving the internationally recognized Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) program (www.sfiprogram.org). Across North American more than 180 million acres are certified to the SFI® forest management standard, making it the largest single standard in the world. The SFI® program’s unique fiber sourcing requirements promotes responsible forest management on all suppliers’ lands. SFI Inc. is governed by a three-chamber board of directors representing environmental, social and economic sectors equally.